We can’t take our eyes off of NERVO’s Playboy Photoshoot!

They say “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.” But is that really possible in the Internet age? If you’re the DJ duo Nervo, the answer is no. So on a recent trip to Las Vegas, the musicians (and twins) brought into their hotel room to see what life is like for them on the road.

Seems like the EDM lifestyle is pretty damn fun. If you’d prefer to see in live-action, you can check out the from the hotel shoot right here.

Photographer: Marya Gullo
Photo Assistant: Steffanie Walk
Videographer: Eric Longden
Hair and Makeup: Sarah Redzikowski
Stylist: Maya Harris

Via: Playboy Magazine

Below: NERVO – Bulletproof feat. Harrison Miya Available Now!

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