‘I Am Hardwell – Living The Dream’ Full-length Documentary released worldwide!

‘I AM HARDWELL – Living the dream’ is now available to own on DVD. Directed by Robin Piree, who had previously helmed the 2013 documentary ‘I AM Hardwell’, the film follows the DJ over the course of his 35 ‘I Am Hardwell’ concerts across the planet.

Continuing the story of the now 28-year-old Robbert van de Corput, ‘I Am Hardwell – Living The Dream’ charts his journey from behind a computer screen testing out new bass lines to the hysteria of the final Delhi show, and includes unparalleled concert footage from an extensive series of shows. ‘I AM Hardwell – Living The Dream’ is available in both physical and digital format.

Get your copy at: hwl.dj/IAHLTD


Thousands of people stand in the dark. On the stage, Hardwell stands behind the turntables and checks his tracklist. Suddenly the stage lights rise and he spreads his arms as beams of light shoot across the stadium and the show begins.

In October 2013 Hardwell was voted the #1 DJ in the world, becoming the youngest DJ to achieve the feat. A year later, in Amsterdam, the first ‘I AM Hardwell’ concert kicks off and his fame reaches a whole new level. The venues are bigger, the shows sell out quicker, and the pressure is at an all-time high, yet Hardwell is nevertheless determined to justify his position at the top of the list.

Embarking on a journey across 35 cities worldwide, and culminating in a show at the world-famous Madison Square Gardens in New York City, ‘I Am Hardwell – Living the dream’ allows for a more personal and spectacular insight into the life of the superstar DJ than ever before.

‘I AM Hardwell – Living The Dream’ was produced by Cloud 9 Music and Alda Events in co-operation with Revealed Recordings and Sorted Management, and directed by Robin Piree and Aziz Al-Dilaimi.

Hardwell is the stage name of Robbert van de Corput, named #1 DJ in the world in both 2013 and 2014 and was Recently nominated for 12 IDMA’s (International Dance Music Awards). His debut artist album ‘United We Are’ reached the #1 spot in over 20 countries and in 2015, Hardwell founded the “United We Are Foundation” to help underpriviliged children gain access to better education, and by extension, a better future. On March 4th, Hardwell‘s long-awaited single ‘Run Wild’ feat. Jake Reese will be released worldwide.

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