Avicii produces Coca-Cola’s new theme song “Taste the Feeling”!

produces a Sewell-anchored pop song for Coca-Cola's first globally-launched campaign, “Taste the Feeling.”

Rising Australian singer Conrad Sewell is the new voice of Coca-Cola. Sewell, known to fans emotional pop ballads like the single “Start Again,” performs the theme of Coke's just launched campaign, “Taste the Feeling.”

The campaign, announced at a press conference in Paris this morning (Jan. 19), is Coke's first in seven , and the first ever to unite all of the Coke brands in the same global spots, which “ the experience of drinking a Coca-Cola, any Coca-Cola.” The theme song, which listens like a pop hit that just happens to mention having a Coke, was produced by Avicii, a longtime collaborator with the brand.

“It's just a great song,” Sewell tells Billboard. “I'm excited about what's coming.”

For Sewell, 27, that will include international performances that could be tied to Coke campaigns for the Rio 2016 Olympics and the UEFA EURO 2016 soccer tournament, among other hooks.

Avicii will produce additional versions of the song around those events. He also produced a version of the song for the campaign's interactive digital experience, GIF the Feeling, which lets users personalize a GIF scene with “real-time feelings” and share it.

As in the past, Coke partnered with agency Music Dealers to develop the song. “Taste the Feeling” was written by Scott Fritz, Jeremy Bircher, and Josh Jones.

“As we searched for the perfect song this one stood out from day one as something really special,” Joe Belliotti, Coke's head of global music, said in an announcement from the company.

“Taste the Feeling” will soon be available on streaming services.

Sewell, whose first solo release, All I Know, came out in late 2015 on Lyor Cohen's   label, begins a U.S. tour tomorrow (Jan. 20), opening for at a sold-out show at Webster Hall in New York. The tour will wrap up Feb. 10 at San Diego's House of Blues.

“I'm just riding the train,” he says of the current momentum of his career.

via Billboard

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