Arty’s debut album takes you to a “Glorious” journey

Arty has been releasing singles, remixes and short EPs for the past six years. Now it's time for the Russian producer to take over the digital musical landscape with his debut artist album Glorious” on .

A full-blown LP that captures a full range of emotions, among 12 original mainstream progressive/trance pop EDM tracks featuring vocalists such as Sewell, Clarence Coffee, Bermuda Star, Erica Driscoll, Ray Dalton and Blondfire.

The talented producer from Engels, Russia explores new sounds with Nero-esque electro, orchestral arrangements and softer, more emotional tracks that use vocals as a focal point of the track, in order to create indie dance, old-school progressive, pop and French house inspired records.

“From the start I didn't want to put myself into one specific genre, so for me the challenge was to discover as much different genres, type of vocals and harmonies as possible. I really hope people will simply enjoy my music that I've put so much soul into,” Arty said in a statement.

Braver Love, Up All Night, Stronger, Waste Your Time are songs that Arty has already released ahead of the album itself. Among the other tracks there's “Feel Your Love,” an almost entirely acoustic piano production, the instrumental inspiration “Young Again, the euphoric synth work of “Pink Roads”, unique “Inertia” and last but not least “Poison for Lovers” that slows the tempo of a “Glorious” music journey.

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