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WOOF Recordings

Woof Recordings its the label of the “Atomic” duo Nari & Milani. Founded in 2016, the label has as a mission to spread good music, discover and promote new talents, helping them to never stop chasing their own dreams. Woof its a new trend, a movement which every release its art free to express. Woof is looking for creativity. Woof is angry for quality. Woof is angry of Changes. This is Woof Rec.

For Nari & Milani it’s all about the love of music, as at the end of the day, making music is an art. They believe that music must speak to everyone, but it’s not always easy to achieve such a thing. However, Maurizio Nari and Ronnie Milani have managed to take the underground scene by storm with their original club monster ‘Atom’ on Size Records, released back in 2012. Some would even say it was the most influential record of the past few years, shaping a movement of releases to follow. With two upcoming tracks on Spinnin’ and one release on their own label Woof Rec. every month, the Italian duo had a friendly conversation with Viralbpm, talking about uprising talents and the importance of humility and hard work in the music industry.

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