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Whartone Records

Whartone Records is a UK based record label run by Sonny Wharton showcasing some of the worlds finest house and electronica. Established in 2009, the forward thinking label is designed to give some of the industry’s freshest producers a platform to develop. As well as being the main hub for Sonny Wharton’s solo productions, they have released music from industry starlets, whilst instantly making an impact in the download charts. Viralbpm sat down with Sonny Wharton to discuss about his label imprint, unique and intricate production style, but also latest releases and future steps. Described as a sought-after talent within the modern dance music industry, Sonny Wharton manages one of the most promising labels to have emerged from the UK in recent years.

Sonny Wharton Interview
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Whartone Records presents ‘Four Four’ series with single “Read The Room”

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