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Restless Modern

Restless Modern looks set to be one of the most talented upcoming young artists. Hailing from The USA, the Chicago based producer, singer and songwriter also known as Jack Kieffer, has had an accelerated start to his career as a music producer with the first out of his three releases, titled ‘Navigator’ (w/ MOONZz), racking up over 5.5 million streams on Spotify! Destined to continue his incredible music achievements with his latest offerings ‘No Expectations (ft. OnCue)’ and ‘I’m Okay’, Restless Modern is developing further his original sound, while he is testing his skills as a vocalist for yitaku & Madnap’s track ‘Finding Myself‘. This time Viralbpm sat down with Restless Modern and discussed about his favorite tracks and classics. Listen to his playlist on Spotify here!

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