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In a short amount of time – the 28-year-old – Swedish artist M A I S Ø N has started making a buzz around himself. Coming out of nowhere – he signed his first official single on Armin Van Buuren’s imprint Armada Music. A record label which is home to legendary artists such as: Lost Frequencies, Afrojack, Feenixpawl, Arty and many more.

M A I S Ø N has always been around music. He downloaded FL Studio on his computer and started making beats in his bedroom at a very young age. Influenced by Hip-Hop and Commercial Trance, he wanted to craft his own sound and pursue a career in music. His journey started with a remix that he made which landed him internationally acclaimed success. All this achievement without any record label or manager involved. Unfortunately, every saga has its bitter tales and this is the story of M A I S Ø N.

M A I S Ø N got signed to an American label at an early phase in his career where he unknowingly – signed a deal that made it impossible for him to release his productions under his own name. After years of negotiations he managed to break free and started focusing on his solo projects.

The reason to this achievement is that M A I S Ø N – has always put his heart into his productions. His originality has pushed him to outperform his limits every time. All of this hard work has led him to craft his own signature sound. M A I S Ø N likes to describe his sound as summer-y with groovy bass-lines and a mix of happy feelings. ”It is not about the genres” he said, ”Good music is always good music”.

M A I S Ø N has a busy year ahead of him consisting of amazing track releases and hefty collaborations. ”It is amazing to have such a freedom to be able to release the projects that I really love and want to share with the world,” M A I S Ø N says. ”This is the reason why I fell in love with music and this is the reason why I keep going – no matter the outcome”.

”Under My Clothes is a sun-soaked, rhythmic track with a twist of melancholy. I wanted to work with the talented Majro and I reached out to her on Soundcloud and asked her for a collaboration. Some weeks after that – I’ve got an email where Majro had sent me her vocals and once I had the chance to go trough it – I fell instantly in love with this project. The lyrics are about an addiction – and after all – all of us have had an addiction somehow. I wanted to release this track because it felt so personal to me in so many levels. As I stated above – a lot of people are unfortunately dealing with different types of addictions, no matter if it’s love, alcohol or other. This is why I think the lyrics will speak to everyone out there.

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