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Dharma Music

In 2017, KSHMR kept on delivering groundbreaking hit records, including the Tiësto collab ‘Harder’ and team-up with Crossnaders ‘Back To Me’. This was followed up by the launch of his first ever record label, aptly titled Dharma Music, releasing the full, four-track KSHMR ‘Materia EP’, preceded by its singles ‘Festival Of Lights’, a collab with Dutch rising star Maurice West, and ‘Kolkata’, a teamup with JDG & Mariana BO. “The Materia EP has four tracks, one for each worldly element, wherein the favorite of my recent collaborations find a home. These tracks are, in their substance, all equally contributed by the artists featured, resulting in a sort of family affair that I really hold dear.” – KSHMR

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