Viralbpm - Embracing Electronic Sounds of Tomorrow

Andrew Cole

Andrew Cole doesn’t mince words about his choice of Why We Wonder as the title of his independent debut record. “Anyone who knows me will say I’m the biggest worrier ever. I analyze everything; especially those tiny intricacies that happen everyday that are so hard to even name because they’re so small, but it’s positive worrying,” the Toronto born singer/songwriter says. A product of following his parents to Liverpool, Wales, Las Vegas, Toronto and Florida and rarely having had an opportunity to set down roots. More importantly, it’s the driving force behind the development of his unique voice and lyrical sense.

A natural born singer, Cole grew up constantly singing other people’s songs, developing a vocal style characterized by a remarkable range of expression. Still, Cole couldn’t see himself as a performer. “I don’t know whether it was because I was pushed all over the world, or if it was because I was a natural born cheeky little bastard, but I just wouldn’t have anyone tell me anything, I was stubborn and a rebel, I wanted to have a voice, but I didn’t want people looking at me.”

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