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Alex Midi

Alex Midi has been an innovator and pioneer of electronic music in Mexico. His career in this genre started at the age of 16, being a resident DJ at two of the most important clubs in Mexico City: Passage and News. Throughout his career as a DJ. Producer and composer, Alex Midi has always distinguished himself by his originality, leaving his mark in any musical task he has performed. His musical style is based on Deep House and Electro Pop, while his musical influences go back to the work of Kraftwerk, David Morales and Pet ShopBoys, among others. He met and received production instruction personally from the creator of house, Frankie Knuckles, and hence his passion for the Classic House Music. His most recent production transforms the iconic PhilCollins song “In The Air Tonight” into a dark and provocative masterpiece. For Alex Midi, electronic music has the same essence and continues to fulfill the same purpose as in its beginnings, to hypnotize the audience through sounds created with synthesizers, samplers, and beatboxes.

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