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AKYLLA – (In numerology the name Akylla has the birth path 8 and its meaning is connected to balance between the material and spiritual.)

Electronic Music’s new evolution “AKYLLA” was formed after combining the super-powers of performers Sherry St.Germain and Saratonin. Birthed in an ice-cave a few miles south of the North Pole (aka Canada) the new AKYLLA started to take shape…

Months of relentless focus followed as these 2 artists began harvesting the sounds of the universe and breathing life into a project that the world had not experienced… until now.

Countless hours in the studio refining production and vocals created 100% by these 2 ladies brought forth a style that hits hard while triggering deep emotion with melodic mastery. Their intense, high-energy live show is a brilliant spectacle that must be seen.

As AKYLLA hits the stage, the crowd is instantly injected with a dose of jaw-dropping beats combining high level DJing infused with Live Keys, Vocals and on point finger drumming. If you’re going to see Akylla live, get ready for a journey you WILL remember.

Sherry & Sara have collaborated with some of the most legendary names in Electronic music such as: Steve Aoki, Excision, as well as played some of the biggest and most popular venues & festivals in the world including: Tomorrowland (Belgium), Shambhala (Nelson, British Columbia), Kaboo (San Diego, California), Burning Man (Black Rock Desert, Nevada), Envision (Costa Rica), Skyway theatre & Myth (Minneapolis/St.Paul) The Palms (Las Vegas) and More!

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