Brawo Remix “Blind” by ROOFTIME

After 60 million total streaming plays on the previous collaboration with , and Dubdogz, Brazilian trio ROOFTIME presents the new single “Blind” via EGO Music and it's time for a new powerful remix produced by Italian dj and producer , who added a fresh dance touch enriched by an acoustic guitar reef creating a perfect atmosphere for your Spring days and making the track perfectly suitable for parties and clubs.

It was from a great dream that two brothers and a college friend came together like a magnet for a voraciously promising project on the national scene: Rooftime. Their ideas came together once they were on the house roof instead of college, even before such ideas were put into practice in the studio – hence the name Rooftime, in literal translation, “roof time” – Lisandro Carvalho and brothers Gabriel and Rodrigo Souza Pinto had their talent in music production recognized even before performing live for the first time. Brazilian DJ Vintage Culture was the first host of this journey, by releasing the single “I Will Find” with the trio in September 2018, reaching 15 million views on the official YouTube music video and nearly 40 million streams on so far.

Starting 2020 promisingly, they released ‘Free My Mind' with Brazilian dance music star Alok and the duo Dubdogz which, in just three days, reached 1 million plays only on Spotify.

STREAM / DOWNLOAD:–brawo-remix

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