Mako and Elephante new single, “Chameleon” on Ultra Records

February the 7th sees the release of Mako's new single, “Chameleon” on Ultra Records. Written and produced by Alexander Seaver, the new single is a further step along the path to the release of Mako's sophomore album, “Fable,” expected later in 2020.  

Says Seaver: “Chameleon is the second release from my upcoming record – it's a Fable that leans on the struggles with social anxiety and isolation that I've carried with me throughout my life and well into adulthood living in Hollywood.”

Scheduled for simultaneous release with Mako's original version of Chameleon is the first in a series of “alter-ego” versions of the song re-imagined by Mako, and on Feb 7th, .

Continues Seaver, “The song title ‘Chameleon' opened up the option to create different versions of the song. I liked the idea of the song changing skins in the same way that a Chameleon does.  I shared the stems with several friends and asked them what they would do with it…and I ended up with several different versions. Fortunately everyone was happy for me to share their versions, so you will be hearing different takes on the song over coming weeks.”

The Mako / Elephante version, lifts the song to new and different heights.  Like Seaver, Tim Woo (aka Elephante,) began his career as a classical musician, and his take on Chameleon leads the song into dance anthem territory with soaring strings and a glorious drop. 

To accompany the release, February 10th will see the debut of the stunning lyric for Mako's original version of the song on 's Youtube channel.

Since the release of Mako's last single “Coyote”, Seaver has continued his work with Games, writing and producing their latest Worlds Anthem, “Phoenix” for League of Legends, as well as composing music for their forthcoming television series, “Arcane.”

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