Adventure Club Drop Monstrous Two-Tracker Death or Glory Sessions

Next in a series of new music from acclaimed bass act Adventure Club is two-track EP ‘Death or Glory Sessions'. The Montreal-based duo has long been regarded for their earth-shattering, high-energy production and their newest cuts show them in top form. 

The title track “Death or Glory” builds up with an anthemic horn section and rock-inspired vocal, dropping into dubstep mayhem with relentless force. The second song “Wolfpack” is a cinematic smasher that displays the duo's dedication to unique and interesting song arrangements. Both tunes are executed with the pristine production standards and genre-bending approach to songwriting that have become synonymous with 's music.

Adventure Club is comprised of Christian Sringley and Leighton James. The artists have been working together since the early 2010s and have amassed millions of streams and built a dedicated fanbase through their atypical approach to heavy dance music. Their most recent song was a collaboration with and Caly Bevier called “Already Know”

Keep your eyes set here…there's much more coming on the horizon. 

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