Amon Tobin Announces New Album Long Stories

2019 has been a whirlwind and wildly prolific year for acclaimed electronic music pioneer . Emerging in April with his first album in eight , Fear In A Handful Of Dust instantly hit #1 on. iTunes electronic chart, the Bandcamp electronic chart and the college radio electronic chart, receiving adulation from fans and press alike.

Out October 25, the album Long Stories stands as a scintillating companion piece to Fear In A Handful Of Dust. The albums were made in parallel and while Fear In A Handful Of Dust focused on angular experimentation. Long Stories takes a deep into the melodic. A good portion of the record was made with just one instrument, a broken Omnichord, an innocuous creation manufactured during the 80s for arguably less creative purposes.

Listen to ‘One Shy Morning’ here 

The album takes its simple tones and combines them with a slew of other analog processes to build these unearthly tales.

The first salvo from his upcoming album Long Stories, ‘One Shy Morning’ is a thing of beauty. Amon describes it as “the sound of Margot Robbie riding a unicorn into the sun right before the world explodes and all that’s left is a ghost of love.”

Continuing to tour the world under his various musical aliases. 2019 also marked the establishment of the hyper-productive musician’s own label. Nomark, which has released music from Tobin’s projects Two Fingers (bass music) and Only Child Tyrant (indietronica).

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