KSHMR Unveils New Mini-Documentary “Back To My Roots”

Quickly following the release of his latest single “Bombay Dreams”, award-winning producer and DJ KSHMR reveals a brand new mini-documentary “Back To My Roots”. Out now via Youtube, the mini-documentary follows his decade long career in the music industry as both The Cataracs and the KSHMR. “Back To My Roots” provides behind-the-scenes footage from his early childhood and Indian heritage, along with one-on-one sitdown interviews with his dad and grandfather. 

“Back To My Roots” tells the full story of how KSHMR, originally born Niles Hollowell-Dhar, discovered his passion for music at an early age and decided to pursue it against his own family's wishes. The summer before Niles was scheduled to begin college at San Francisco State University, his father sent him away to live in India with his grandfather to learn time management skills and get him prepared for classes in the fall. While he was in India, Niles fell in love with the culture and built a strong connection with his grandfather. The documentary shows exclusive footage of his grandfather telling stories of his passion for music, and even mentions a sweet story how Niles would always ask his grandfather for money to buy CD's. 

Check out the documentary here 

“This mini-doc tells my story, the story of KSHMR and my relationship with India. It's a tribute to my grandparents and how they influenced me before passing — honestly it's hard for me to watch without getting emotional. I hope the fans enjoy and it helps to understand my journey.”

Fully narrated by KSHMR himself, “Back To My Roots” provides details of his early success in the critically acclaimed duo The Cataracs and the overall transition into his current project KSHMR.  With never-before-seen photos from his childhood, b-roll footage with Tiesto at Festival in , along with heartwarming videos with his grandfather at Sunburn festival in India,  fans are able to get an inside look at his overall journey in his career and also finding his connection to his Indian heritage. 

“Back To My Roots” is out now via KSHMR's youtube page! 

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