Guy Gerber Will Starr Samsara’s Next Date at Opium Barcelona

Electronic music icon, Guy Gerber, will take charge of Samsara's next date at Barcelona, this Sunday, September 29th. He'll be joined by two really interesting artists: Frenchman Maga, and Colombian promise, Eli Light.

In a night infused with the deepest, most exotic and sensual sounds of the electronic palette. These artists will put soundtrack to the most esoteric night at Opium Barcelona: Samsara. The cosmic encounter designed to captivate the most select crowds.


Samsara's concept has had huge success in all Opium's embassies, in London, Marbella and Madrid. And pop-up events in Ibiza and other cities. This time, the great star of the night will be , big boss of . A platform for the best deep sounds and one of the most acclaimed parties in the world. Thanks to its exotic sound, sonority and great productions.

On the other side, Maga is one of the most in-shape French electronic music producers of the last few years. Being a mainstay in labels as Stil Vor Talent or Flying Circus, Maga is a traveler that takes inspiration in each of his stops, with his hybrid live-DJ set.
Last but not least, the bill is closed by Eli Light. The Colombia-born, NY-based artist is one of the biggest promises of the country, with a sound merging spiritual, cosmic and ancient sounds, giving her sessions a truly exotic vibe.


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