Years reveal new project KAY and releases debut new single “Human”

After a long hiatus, Norwegian talent Years is back with a brand new release on Tell You Something. “Human” is the debut single of his brand new project KAY with vocalist Kate. The two has delivered a stunning, pop and dance-oriented super catchy tune resulting in a beautiful hands-in-the-air song. 

 has also carved-out a reputation as a rising talent who's capable of creating captivating melodies. Years already boasts a co-produced ‘Remode' of Shapov's ‘Belong' with Axwell, released via his ‘' and “Eros” with as a free download. Elsewhere, Years has also signed records to other top-tier labels including ‘Armada Trice' and ‘Refune Music' too.

KAY a.k.a. Years and Kate, debut single Human is available via this link. You can also check below for the streaming of the track. You can also check more about KAY here.

Buy/Stream it here.

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