The Him presents ‘Walk Alone’

The Him is on a roll. With 2018's claim to fame ‘Nothing On ' under their belt (a record that made it into the Top 10 of Billboard's Dance/Mix Show Airplay chart), the duo stayed on top of their game throughout 2019, reaching millions of streams with each new single. Recent single ‘Found Me' wasn't the exception, as it was widely supported and again reached Billboard's Dance / Mix Show Airplay Chart, entering it at #32.

Now, they're back with ‘Walk Alone', a record that builds on warm guitar chords and sultry vocals before dropping into a sweet, highly melodic chorus where synth lines and energetic beats pave the way for an enchanting hands-in-the-air moment. It's an incredible tune that underlines 's talent to blend strong dance sounds with captivating pop sentiments.

“‘Walk alone' is one of those songs that took us a while to get right. We love house music and wanted to make a track that sounded big but still organic. A true combination of pop and electronic, that also sounds like the house music we love. So this song has acoustic guitars, electric guitars, synths, piano's and even some whistles in there. We'll keep on trying new things and we hope you'll keep listening as we expand our sound.” – The Him

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