Cade Interview: Exclusive Talk with the Ambitious Artist

It's hard to pidgeonhole CADE into one genre, because the 22-year old has spent the early part of his career traversing the boundaries of music – from future R&B to electronic music, his journey from his living room piano in Tampa, Florida, to where he resides in Los Angeles, CA has shaped the young artist into a versatile and innovative musician.

In 2016, CADE launched his project with the debut EP “Care”, quickly turning the heads and garnering support from the likes of , Pia Mia , etc. In 2017, he collaborated with pop trio, Cheat Codes , which resulted in global smash “ Pretty Girl – Cheat Codes X CADE Remix ” featuring the voice of Maggie Lindemann. The remix currently has over 400 million streams, achieving gold certification in the US, and platinum certification in the UK.

Following this release, CADE and Cheat Codes wrote and released Stay With You, which has collected over 50 million streams. CADE followed up the global hit with his summer hit, Warning Sign. Shortly following this release, CADE signed his first exclusive record deal with Ultra Music (Sony).

Now, with over 4.5 million monthly listeners, CADE continues to reach a wide audience by supporting artists such as Cheat Codes , Jeremih , Kesha , and Mike Posner and performing festivals worldwide including Summerfest, Lollapalooza, and more.

This summer we had the chance to chat with the ambitious artist about his music, his previous singles, his future release plans and we got a sneak peek about his goals and dreams regarding his professional carreer. 

V1. Hi CADE and nice to have you here. Where are you currently at? Are you already inside the hardcore summer feeling?

Cade: Hi thanks for having me! I'm currently in my studio here at home in Los Angeles. Its hot and sunny here and its feeling like summer!!

V2. Is there any event in particular you're really looking up to?

Cade: I'm really looking forward to the release of my EP, WOLF BLUE, which will be coming out this October! I've been working tirelessly on the music, both alone and with other amazing writers / producers / artists etc. Definitely feel that its my best work yet and can't wait for the world to hear it.

V3. You also had a very good release called Yours. How do you feel about the final output of the track?

Cade: Ahh thank you! I'm feeling really excited about how the final product for ‘Yours'. ‘Yours' is a record that I hold really closely to my heart. I wrote & produced the song 100%. It's a real and honest record and I really think the recording captured all of the emotional aspect of what came to life in the studio that evening.

V4. How did this collaboration between you and Desiigner for ‘Home To You' happen?

Cade: Wild story. I was in the studio making music with (friend & killer producer) at Ultra Music's studio in Hollywood. He showed me an instrumental idea that I couldn't get over. We wrote and recorded the ‘Home To You' hook and were losing our minds over it. Gazzo and Desiigner are friends, and Gazzo facetimed Desiigner to show him what we had worked on and he LOVED the record. We sent him the address, Desiigner pulled up with his crew and we finished the record that night. Diddy even almost showed. Such a crazy night.

V5. What should we expect from you release-wise during the next months?

Cade: You can expect a new single next month, as well as the WOLF BLUE EP in October. The EP consists of 7 songs, all of which I'm beyond excited about. I'm gonna be dropping music back to back to back!

V6. After making this very interesting collaboration with Desiigner, are there any other artists out there, you would really like to work on a track?

Cade: Producer-wise I'd LOVE to work with . He's unbelievable. As far as rappers go, Gunna or French Montana would be crazy. Collaborations are one of my favorite parts about making music. 

V7. Do you have any goals you would like to accomplish with your music?

Cade: IYes! I hope to accomplish a Billboard #1 Album. I really hope to be nominated / win a grammy one day and to sell out an arena tour. Lots to do!

V8. You really like to blend different genres into your tracks, like for on your most recent release. Is it hard to master different types of music on the same tune?

Cade: I think the blend of different genres is just a result of years of listening to and appreciating all kinds of music. I grew up listening to chill electronic music, rap, trap, house etc. What's so amazing about music is there are no rules, so I never try to box myself in when creating.

V9. Thank you for your time and I wish you a wonderful summer. Any final words you want to share with the Viralbpm readership?

Cade: Thanks for having me! Don't forget to listen to my new single ‘Yours' on Spotify and Apple Music. x

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