REZZ Unleashes Debut BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

Canadian artist REZZ made her Essential Mix debut last weekend.

Built around her penchant for rich bass textures and eerie tones, REZZ's 2-hour mix delves into the producer's back catalogue, as well as cuts from her recently released Beyond The Senses EP and her second studio album, Certain Kind of Magic. The Essential Mix also includes REZZ's 2016 remix of deadmau5's ‘Slip' – full tracklist below.

REZZ's Essential Mix broadcast came amid a stellar weekend for the Canadian, where she completed eagerly anticipated performances at Creamfields and on the mainstage at SW4.

Listen to REZZ's Essential Mix Here

REZZ's Essential Mix follows the release of her Beyond The Senses EP. A boundary-pushing 6-track collection, REZZ premiered her EP during a global virtual reality listening party, presented by Wave. She joined fans as a digital avatar in her ‘Beyond The Senses' VR world, where she guided them through a supernatural landscape filled with aliens, skulls and a giant REZZ puppeteer.

Off the back of her UK performances, REZZ will bring her unparalleled live show to legendary across the for her ‘Beyond The Senses' tour. The extensive run includes her first-ever headlining performance at LA's Greek Theatre and a sold-out show at Red Rocks Amphitheatre for her annual REZZ Rocks takeover.

REZZ's Essential Mix will be available for 30 days after broadcast via the BBC Sounds app.

REZZ BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix Tracklist

1. REZZ – ‘Edge'

2. REZZ x Kotek – ‘Teleportal'

3. REZZ – ‘Methodology'

4. REZZ – ‘Plague'

5. deadmau5 – ‘Slip'(REZZ Remix)

6. REZZ – ‘Negative'

7. REZZ – ‘Contorted'

8. REZZ – ‘Relax'

9. REZZ x 13 – ‘Drugs'

10. REZZ x Eddie – ‘Stress'

11. REZZ – ‘Spider On The Moon'

12. REZZ x 13 – ‘Crazy Ones'

13. REZZ – ‘Livid'

14. REZZ – ‘Witching Hour'

15. REZZ – ‘Cryptic'

16. REZZ x Deathpact – ‘Kiss of Death'

17. REZZ – ‘Diluted Brains'

18. REZZ – ‘Purple Gusher'

19. REZZ – ‘Green Gusher'

20. REZZ – ‘Selector'

21. REZZ – ‘Yin'

22. REZZ – ‘Rubix Cube'

23. REZZ x Raito – ‘Alien'

24. REZZ – ‘Voice On The Wall'

25. REZZ – ‘I'

26. REZZ – ‘Rush'

27. REZZ – ‘Paranoid'

28. REZZ – ‘Serenity'

30. REZZ x 1788-L – ‘H E X'

31. REZZ x Blanke – ‘Mixed Signals'

31. REZZ x k?d – ‘Fourth Impact'

32. REZZ x Deathpact – ‘Life & Death'

33. REZZ – ‘Transformer'

34. No Mana – ‘Clear' (REZZ Remix)

35. REZZ – ‘Delusion'

36. REZZ x Fytch – ‘Toxin'

37. REZZ x – ‘Melancholy'

38. REZZ – ‘Flying Octopus'

39. REZZ x Isqa – ‘Psycho'

40. REZZ x Sayer – ‘Your Soul Will Never Be Released'

41. REZZ – ‘Synesthesia'

42. REZZ x Delaney – ‘Lost'

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