Free Download: New uplifting remix for Mahmood’s “Soldi” by Greek Saradis

For those who are not familiar with Mahmood’s track “Soldi“, the track is the one that reached the second place in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. The Italian producer co-wrote the song with Dario “Dardust” Faini and Charlie Charles, who also produced it. Even though it didn’t manage to win the competition, Mahmood’s track has topped the charts in Italy, Israel and Greece and reached the top 10 in seven more countries.

Now it’s time for (Constantinos) Saradis, a well-known DJ and Radio Producer from Patras in Greece, to deliver a well-crafted remix, creating an even more radio-friendly version of Mahmood’s worldwide hit. Following the same vibes, Saradis transforms “Soldi” to a more danceable track enhancing its’ uplifting music lines by adding some trumpets and house elements.

His remix is available as a free download here. Listen to the track below and share your thoughts!

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