Multi-instrumentalist Youngr signs with Armada Music and drops new single: ‘Nightcrawling’

After teaming up with Armada Music last year for the release of his ‘Turn Around' bootleg, Youngr is back on the Amsterdam-based record label to make even more magic happen. Today, the incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist not only dropped his new single ‘Nightcrawling', but also signed an exclusive deal with the label, tying him to the imprint for the release of many more brilliant songs.

A pop song wrapped in a vast dance music atmosphere, or dance music perfectly fitting pop performance. From either angle, pushes the club to its limits with a huge piano-accelerated sound threatening something ominous. Brought down to earth by steadying vocals looking through the eye of the storm, ‘Nightcrawling' pushes the feeling on with funky stretches of pick guitar.

Youngr: “'Nightcrawling' is a very special tune to me. I wrote it with my good friend and writing partner, Tim Woodcock. I wanted to write a tune with the general message/feeling of getting through a tough time and having someone there to help you through it, whether that is a partner, friend, family, or simply the feeling of being connected to all the other humans out there who are going through the same thing. It feels as though we're on the brink of a big change in our collective consciousness. Right now seems a little dark and confusing, but I think hope is on the horizon. I can feel it coming!”

When asked about his partnership with , Youngr added: “I'm very excited to have teamed up with the Dons of Dance, Armada Music, for this next chapter of my journey. I believe I'm in safe hands. Onwards and upwards!”

Maykel Piron, CEO Armada Music: “Youngr is as talented as they come; the things he can do with so many different instruments is beyond amazing. We're incredibly happy to have him on board and can't wait to start working with him on even more fantastic singles, ‘Nightcrawling' included.”

Since breaking through with self-released debut single ‘Out Of My System', Youngr has racked up over 100 million streams, all the while playing over 160 shows in 45 countries, including sold-out tours across Europe and North America. The multi-talented musician made a name for himself with his unique performance style and one-take live videos of dancefloor-friendly bootlegs, with his bootleg of The Temper Trap's ‘Sweet Disposition' going viral and racking up over 15 million views in its first two weeks.

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