Hardwell and Quintino collab on summer hit ‘Recklesss’

Get ready for a legendary teamup between two of Holland’s most acclaimed electro/big room artists. As expected, Hardwell and Quintino deliver the heat, with their collaboration single ‘Reckless’ delivering an action packed adventure for the world’s festival crowds – out now on Spinnin’ Records.

and Quintino are no strangers to each other. Initially building a profile in the Dutch club scene, followed by the world’s biggest festival stages, both DJ’s have always stayed in touch throughout their careers. In 2010 this already led to remixing Quintino’s hit tune ‘You Can’t Deny’, while the latter also released his ‘Scorpion’ back in 2015 in a blazing Hardwell edit (released on his label).

A year later, the guys officially teamed up for the massive hit record ‘Baldadig’; returning for another collab in 2018 with the widely popular track ‘Woest‘. And now once again, these fellow artists are back together again for a fresh, much anticipated single. ‘Reckless’ is everything it promises to be. Building up on a wave of raw kicks and a twisting electro tune Quintino style, it unleashes a raving synth melody that’s got written all over it. Blending both sounds in one overwhelming track is one thing, but with both artists’ productional wizardry on board, this is mainstage mayhem taken next level – bound for peaktime success at festival mainstages this season.

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