Türküm Releases Deeply Personal Debut Album “Anti-Sober”

After a mysterious quiet spell this year. Türküm returns with a vengeance in the form of his new full-length album “Anti-Sober“. A deeply personal and poignant exploration of his -long struggle with both humanity and alcohol. “Anti-Sober was more than just an album for me, it was the downhill transition for myself where I noticed that my perspective on reality took a new extreme” he says. “I came to an answer with the fact that you just can't change some things in this world. Alcohol was a way out for me being able to put the bullshit aside and really talk to anyone without having to see the reality of humans and the conflict of ego amongst society.” 

Throughout its 11 tracks, “Anti-Sober” runs the gamut of human emotion—from angst, anger, fear, loneliness, sadness and finally even hope. But maintains a cinematic, larger-than-life level that few artists can genuinely achieve. From the frenetic intensity of “Beast” to the adrenaline-pumping “Power” and the haunting vocals of “Your Heart” through to the Interlude of “Godgiven“. The first half of the album is dark and troubled. Bringing 's own frustration with humanity and the dark of abyss of alcohol abuse to life.

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But, like a phoenix from the ashes, his style on the second half is notably more sunny. With tracks like “Starlight” and “Treat Me Right” employing vibrant melodies and upbeat vocals that showcase his diverse abilities as a producer. With his sophisticated soundscapes and ability to create intensely emotional music from his own struggles. Türküm continues to establish himself as one of the most talented up and coming producers out there. 

Turkish indie artist Türküm may be a relative newcomer, but he's quickly established a commendable reputation based on the quality and production style. Though he has kept his branding and imagery minimalist and enigmatic. His atmospheric and often dark and ominous sound on tracks such as his most recent “Dreams” have proved to impress both fans and tastemakers from a myriad of genres. Türküm's music has been signed to Elysian Records and Lowly Palace and frequents some of Spotify's biggest playlists. Including MintTrap MojitosFresh Electronic, and the infamous Beast Mode. Follow this mysterious maestro on Spotify and social media to keep up to date with more sinister-yet-groovy tunes coming soon! 

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