Sad Song

Video: Alesso – Sad Song (feat. TINI)

Argentina's TINI could be the next Latin pop star to cross over in a big way. The 22-year-old singer/actress is already a superstar in most of the Spanish-speaking world, and that fame is destined to spread with the arrival of “Sad Song.” That's the title of her new collaboration with Alesso. The track, which is destined to be a club-friendly bop, arrives on Friday, June 14. “Sad Song” is TINI's first English-language single since 2016 and the (usually prolific) Swedish DJ's first release of 2019.

Of course, is no stranger to working with Latin superstars, having joined forces with Brazil's  on 2017's “Is That For Me.” That song boasted a blockbuster  filmed in the Amazon rainforest, so hopefully we get something similarly spectacular for “Sad Song.” If it's half as glamorous and sexy as TINI's own “22” visual, we're in for something special. Check out a pic of the collaborators in the studio below. You can also see the purple-hued cover .

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