The New Single from Cosmic Gate – ‘Come With Me’ is here

If ‘Come With Me’ already sounds ear-pleasingly familiar, well your instincts don’t deceive you! Track first met audience during that brightest of bright annual-trance-calendar nights, ASOT. Leaving the metaphorical crater in central Holland last Feb, Cosmic Gate dropped fans the mother of all upcoming hints. Opening their mainstage set with its Intro Mix, switchboards lit up, forums chattered and social feeds went speculation-nuts.

It was a pretty epic tease however. Following its successful test-fire the track was hustled back into the studio to be translated into its fully-fledged, club-set model. All of which brings us to today and the next single to be drawn from ’s ’20 Years – Forward Ever, Backward Never’ long-player, ‘Come With Me’. 

Musically it establishes with sub-melodies and twinkling harmonic chime, which goose the flesh, before Nic & Bossi up the mettle with steel-edged-synths. Celestially stargazing riffs underscore its turbine-beats, bass burr and ripping snares, before – through its all-eclipsing mainline, it moonshots. fans from the group’s earliest days will of course also recognize the lyrical line “come with me, follow me to the ” from Nic & Bossi’s first ever release, ‘The Drums’. Now how’s that for a ‘20 Years’ meta-reference!? 

Cosmic Gate just turned their ‘20 Years’ up again and you can (say in their 8.5/10 review) “mark this down as a contender!”. ‘Come With Me’ goes galactic today – buy/stream it here (


1) Cosmic Gate – Come With Me (Intro Mix)
2) Cosmic Gate – Come With Me (Extended Mix)
3) Cosmic Gate – Come With Me (Original Mix)

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