Steve Aoki, Showtek and MAKJ Join Forces in the Name of “RAVE (feat. Kris Kiss)”

EDM titans Steve Aoki, Showtek and join forces in the name ofRAVE on one of the year's most-anticipated releases. 

Kicking off with a party-starting call to arms from London-based Kris Kiss (“It's time to start the party / it's time to misbehave…”), “RAVE” is a full on banger. Big buildups and euphoric electro drops serve as the backbone to the all-star collaboration set to soundtrack festival stages this summer.

Steve Aoki has previously collaborated with MAKJ on “Shakalaka” and with Kris Kiss on 5OKI single “Anthem”.

“This is the anthem for the summer!” exclaims Steve Aoki. “Super fun, super rowdy, this record is for our community…our world. It's for us all to let loose, go crazy and rave!! I've wanted to make a song like this for a while and it made the most sense with Showtek and MAKJ and the vocal stylings from Kris Kiss. Let's all rave!!”

“This song was a long time coming,” states MAKJ. “It started with a vocal sample of the Beastie Boys song “Fight For Your Right” but we couldn't clear it and slowly it evolved into RAVE.”

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