Who Wants To Be King - POEMS

Poems reveal magnificent debut release “Who Wants to Be King”

After a long hiatus, one of Greece's most promising electronic duos known as POEMS, decided to reveal their debut release, titled “Who Wants to Be King“. Ready to unleash their full potential, the two talents are about to change progressive and electro house as we know it by crossing genres with their astonishing melodies.

Who Wants to Be King” gives you a post-apocalyptic perception of House music that reincarnates from its own ashes, just to reminds us that today's music scene needs something more than tracks with no raw emotions. Giving an extra dimension to their music world, POEMS will try to tell a different story beginning with the mysterious vibes and the ecstatic mysticism of chorus-vocals in “Who Wants to Be King“.

In 2018, POEMS revealed their Size Records and Axtone Records symphonic interpretations have the positive feedback and support of Corey JamesRavenkis, Arias, Anderblast, Havoc & Lawn and Kryder, Shapov, WILL K, YEARS, SOVTH respectively, as their tracks are included in their “The Night Symphony” series. Moreover, their musical reinventions granted them a chance to make their debut mix via We Rave You.

Having the privilege of knowing what's to come from these two passionate producers, we wouldn't exaggerate if we say that the record label that manages to sign them on its music roster will have a great asset for years to come. POEMS bring House music back to its gold years of EDM and at the same time deliver a vision for the future of the genre. Listen to the track below or buy/stream it here.

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