Feint & Laura Brehm Release ‘Solace EP’ via Monstercat

British DnB producer Feint and American singer/songwriter Laura Brehm continue their -long collaborative streak with writer , dropping brand new single ‘Solace’, the final cut from a triple-hitter EP out today on Monstercat.

Solace’ joins the 2015 single ‘We Won’t Be Alone’ and the 2016 release ‘Words’, as well as an acoustic recording of ‘Solace’. Deft and delicate in its production, the track’s rolling pace and effortless percussion should hit all the right notes with drum & bass fans on both sides of the pond and further afield. Brehm’s drifting, dreamy vocal is perfectly balanced by Feint’s expert use of deep synths, undulating orchestration and smatterings of guitar and string sections that pepper the composition.


A star of the UK DnB scene, Feint has been a regular fixture on the Monstercatroster since his 2012 label debut ‘Fury’. Talking about the EP and his latest outing with Brehm and AidenFeint explained: “Solace is about the loneliness of space, finding a flicker in the darkness”.

Brehm’s vocal is unquestionably the flicker in the darkness of Feint’s production. For the Colorado native ‘Solace’ not only continues her relationship with Feint and Aiden but also the iconic Monstercat family. Speaking about the single and her long standing affiliation with the label, Brehm said: “‘Solace’ is the third collaboration via Monstercat between myself, Feint and following ‘We Won’t Be Alone’ and ‘Words’. We wanted this song to have a very positive, warm and comforting message; reminding our listeners how much true companionship (or love) can impact our lives, now and in the future.”

With ‘We Won’t Be Alone’ and ‘Words’ racking up a combined total of almost 70 million streams across Spotify and YouTube, ‘Solace’ makes for a fitting finale to the trio’s latest creative chapter.

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