Zonderling Interview: Exclusive Talk With The Dutch Duo

Zonderling created their own version of dance music. Working on musical impulses, leading to a streak of powerful releases with a character like no other.

Viralbpm was really happy to have a chance to talk with this talented duo from Netherland, about a variety of interesting things. Track analysis, new releases, social media, awards and a lot more. Don’t miss this great talk on our exclusive and brand new interview below.

V1. First of all, we want to congratulate you for your excellent release on called “Imaginary”. How do you feel about the final version of the track?

Zonderling: Thank you! We’re really happy with the result even though the approach was slightly different from what we usually do.

V2. What makes the song so different from previous tracks?

Zonderling: We’ve never released a full vocal track before, so that’s a first. Most tracks we do really feel like they absolutely need an instrumental drop section, but this one felt just right this way.

V3. Aside from performing, you obviously are working on new projects, right? Any future releases you can already reveal to us?

Zonderling: We released a new one on Heldeep, Heldens’ label, May 10. Jaap heard an early version of this track as an ID online and people were guessing it was Zonderling. We found out it was actually a collaboration between Dannic and called ‘Over’ and they were open to the idea of us making an alternate version of their track. The result was something we called a Zonderling edit, as it was not an original Zonderling track or even a full collaboration, but literally our take on a track that was already in a very advanced stage. We’re also planning to return to another big label where we’ve released music before, but that’s all we can say for now

V4. You also received two BUMA awards, how do you feel about it? What role do awards play in your daily music life as an artist in general?

Zonderling: Getting those awards was really nice, because it wasn’t an accomplishment that involved any voting or judgement as far as we know. It’s basic statistics of how well a song performed on radio and streaming services etc, so it just meant it had a lot of reach, which is great! Awards in general are a nice way of seeing the result of your efforts, besides feedback and other reactions from fans on social media and at shows, of course.

V5. Aside from receiving awards or having millions of Spotify streams under your belt, do you keep an eye on feedback you receive from fans? Like, let’s say for typical Social media comments or votes on media platforms?

Zonderling: We do, but we try to take those comments as advice and draw our own plans with those in the back of our minds.

V6. How do you handle the social media tools in general? Is this a great way of keeping in touch with your fans?

Zonderling: Jaap is quite active on social media and we definitely get a lot of feedback through things like Instagram stories.

V7. How did the two of you meet and decide on working together as a producer duo?

Zonderling: We met in Groningen (NL), where we both still live. Martijn was making electronic music and Jaap was dj-ing in the region mostly. After Jaap got hired as a label manager for another music group Martijn is involved in, we started seeing each other more often and we noticed we had an overlapping taste and vision for a certain part of house music. This lead us to starting an act together.

V8. How do you spend your free time when you’re not working in the studio or touring around the globe?

Zonderling: We both enjoy watching movies and series. We also both like spending time with friends and family. Besides that Jaap has some reptiles he takes care of, which is pretty much a result of him being a huge dino fan and Martijn has developed an interest for cryptocurrencies.

V9. Thank you a lot for doing this with us and we are really wishing both of you all the best for your upcoming records. Any final words you want to share with the Viralbpm readership?

Zonderling: Thank you too! All we can say is that we have a lot more coming your way in the (near) future!

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