PKCZ®, CL And Afrojack Release Cut It Up

Japanese hip-hop/dance collective, , teamed up with Korean superstar, CL, and renowned Dutch producer, Afrojack. For their single  “Cut It Up”. Out today, the track includes a high intensity, samurai sword fighting music video that stars the actual cast. And sword-choreographer (Tetsuro Shimaguchi) from the movie Kill Bill.

A global crossover collaboration. “Cut It Up” is the latest from PKCZ®, a Tokyo-based multidisciplinary music and creative group that's comprised of VERBAL. (m-flo, TERIYAKI BOYZ, HONEST BOYZ, and fashion brand AMBUSH), DJ DARUMA (ex. DEXPISTOLS), and EXILE MAKIDAI. Individually a force to be reckoned with, each member has been a fixture of Japanese hip-hop culture and fashion scene for more than a decade. Established in 2014, the group released their first project 360° ChamberZ in 2017, which featured Method Man as well as some of Japan's most influential artists, including Anarchy and Hiroomi Tosaka.

They followed up last year with their hard hitting single, “Bow Down,” featuring Snoop Dog and Tokyo rapper CRAZYBOY (J Soul Brothers III). This year's “Cut It Up” single is set to further spread PKCZ®'s influence. With CL, one of the most globally recognized Asian female artists (formerly of the iconic K-Pop girl group 2NE1). And Afrojack, a celebrated DJ and producer who has worked with artists like Beyonce, , Sting and Wiz Khalifa.“Cut It Up” will make a dent on today's soundscape.

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