NVDES drops infectious new single/video ‘Bump It’

Characterized by improvisation and a lack of restrictions, the project's second release of 2019 is an infectious, move-inducing track fit with carefree lyrics and a bouncy bassline. Co-produced by and the project's founder Josh Ocean, ‘Bump It' also features the quickfire vocals of longtime NVDES collaborator REMMI who featured on the groups single ‘DYT (Do Your Thing)'.

The that accompanies the track features a myriad of dancers interpreting the “Bump It” dance, which Ocean says “is a movement you can use to cut through the superficial nonsense and connect with your own positive vibration. ‘Cut through the bullshit.'” He goes on to explain, “The inspiration for this video came before the song. We wanted a way to interact with the listener outside of the auditory sense.  We wanted there to be a specific physical interaction with the music. In many ways, we made the song to fit the video idea.”

Buy – Stream: https://nvdes.lnk.to/BumpIt

Since its inception in 2015, the LA-based project's creative process has centred around Ocean inviting a group of musicians into his studio room and recording whatever music and lyrics emerge. He then uses digital production software to piece together the results into coherent songs, this spontaneity has led to NVDES enjoying considerable commercial success. Apple used tracks ‘DYT (Do Your Thing)' and ‘Turning Heads' for iPhone X TV ads, New Balance used NVDES material for its ‘Fearlessly Independent' campaign, while Samsung picked up single ‘Ou La La La' to soundtrack its 2019 global marketing campaign. The project also boasts over 25 million combined streams on and Apple Music, as well as a top 20 spot on both the Global and Viral charts on Spotify.

Bump It' is evidence that NVDES' somewhat unorthodox music-making process is one that continues to bear fruit.

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