ZHU Announces Exclusive Pop-Up Shop At Alien Jerky In Baker

Leaving for EDC soon? ZHU will be hosting an exclusive pop-up shop in Baker at the Alien Jerky shop on the way to . Taking place on Thursday and Friday this week. Attendees are invited to stop by for a chance to grab some exclusive Alien-themed merchandise pieces. And other surprise items in anticipation for the festival this .

In addition, will have his one-of-a-kind festival wristbands jacket on display that he will be wearing during his performance on Saturday night of the festival. The jacket has been teased over social media for months now..And is made up of festival wristbands sent in by fans where they have seen ZHU perform across the globe. ZHU and his team are always trying to push the boundaries between music and fashion, and ZHU continues to be one of the most innovative artists in the scene. Details on the pop-up shop are below: 

 Dates: May 16th & May 17th
Location: Alien Jerky 
Address: 72242 Baker Blvd, Baker, CA 92309
Times: May 16th 11:00am-7:00pm ; May 17th 8:00am -3:00pm 

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