Garmiani brings his ‘BARRACA’ in a fresh new guise

‘BARRACA’ underlines it once again, seeing Garmiani taking his well known productional talent to exciting new soil. While staying true to his uplifting dance floor roots. It’s a hot blooded vibe, best expressed in the track’s uplifting chorus and unforgettable melody, that begs to be played on a sun drenched festival meadow. DJ support is immense, including Nicky Romero, and many more.

“’Novinha Proffisional’ by MC Pikachu has been a personal favorite of mine for a long time. And I´ve used it in a lot of mashups for my Shows. Even though it’s hard to find it online. It’s not available on Spotify, almost all uploads has been taken down on Youtube etc.

It’s still a massive song among many people, especially in Brazil. So I’m super happy I now finally found the right production for it where we were able to get the vocals on, I’m super happy with this one!” –

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