Norman Doray & Arno Cost Interview: Exclusive B2B talk with the French Producers

Arno Cost & Norman Doray met fourteen years ago and since then they keep on producing tracks that re-shape electronic dance music industry with their own style. Providing some of the most iconic releases over the last decade, the two French producers join forces once again to follow the path they begun together in 2007 with the milestone track “Apocalypse” via CR2 Records

Now, Arno Cost & Norman Doray return with two new releases, “Together” on Positiva Records and “Travolta” via STMPD RCRDS, which join their elite list of phenomenal productions. Fresh off their new collaborations, Viralbpm had to catch up with the Frenchmen and find out a bit more about what is to come from the talented duo in the next couple of months. Moreover, Arno & Norman share their thoughts for the loss of last year and talk about their favorite artists today. Read our exclusive Arno Cost & Norman Doray interview below.

V1. Let me begin from your past. You’ve been producing music together since 2006, but tell me, how did you two meet?

Norman Doray & : We met back in 2005, on an electronic music forum. Back in the days, without Facebook or Instagram, it was one of the only places we could meet, talk about music and share that passion. We realized quite quickly that we had the same vision and tastes for music and started producing together a few months after in 2006.

V2. One year later, in 2007, you released the milestone track “Apocalypse” via CR2 Records. Should I suppose that’s one of your old time favorite productions? Any unknown story behind it we could reveal today?

Norman Doray & : We are still very proud of that record, which got really big instantly. We were not expecting such exposure, especially with an underground record like that. We actually made the track when we were on tour, in a shitty apartment on the west coast of France. We wanted to go out to the beach, as we were in August, but the weather was terrible. So we sat down in the living room, started making some beats on Norman’s laptop and finished it in 24 hours. I remember we were looking for a name for the song and we looked through at the sky the window and decided to call it “Apocalypse”. Made total sense!

V3. Last year we lost one of the greatest music icons the world has seen so far, Avicii. You both have worked with Tim in his beginnings. Isn’t it really disappointing that today’s music industry and DJ touring can be so tough and slowly destroy someone? Shouldn’t there be more initiatives to raise public awareness of mental disorders and the elimination of suicide?

Norman Doray & : Its very sad indeed. Tim was one of the kindest and humble person we’ve known, giving the huge success he’s had… This kind of disorder is new in the dj scene, but has been there for a while in the music industry sadly. Most of the rock stars had to get drunk, take drugs or even commit suicide sometimes to finally “get better”. Now that the djs are also “rock stars”, this is something we fear to see even more in the upcoming years. We do think more initiatives should be taken, this job can be a dream but turn into a nightmare if you’re not very strong.

V4. In the last couple of months, you’ve released “Together” via Positiva Records and “Travolta” via STMPD Records, going from progressive into disco. Tell more about these two productions. How did you end up going into studio trying different stuff together? Should we expect a new collaboration anytime soon?

Norman Doray & : “Together” was a track we started a long time ago but never finished, because we had the feeling that something was missing. Last summer, Norman listened to the instrumental again and told me “we need to finish this, it’s too big !” Then we came up with that catchy vocal, which was the element missing for a big track in our opinion. We really wanted to stay in a French touch kinda vibe, since this genre is a big part of us, of our roots. Positiva immediately loved the record and a week after, we signed it there. We’re very happy of the work done on the track so far, and we’re expecting a great video clip and new remixes before the summer. Very exciting! 

“Travolta” is more like a club track, a genre that we still love to produce too. Norman and I don’t want to be stuck in one genre only and always do the same thing. We wanted to bring in that one a disco vibe, with a fun vocal and a great funky drop. STPMD are supporting the record big time, which we’re really happy of. New collabs are definitely on the way. We can’t say more for now, but a lot of things are coming up very shortly!

V5. Any future plans regarding other releases, records, collaborations or touring in 2019 you can already reveal to us? Maybe some small hints?

Norman Doray & : A lot! It’s only the beginning of a new era for us. We’re going to collaborate a lot, tour as much as we can. The summer 2019 calendar is filling up and we will announce the gigs when it all gets confirmed. But we already we can say that we’ll be touring in France, Sweden, Spain, Russia and Asia too before 2020.

V7. Is there any artist you really admire these days? Maybe someone you would like to work with together on a new track?

Norman Doray & : We’re in love with M83 since his album “Hurry Up We’re Dreaming’. Can’t wait to hear more from him soon. In the house scene, we definitely dig the Defected or Toolroom releases right now, and artists like Weiss, Kideko, or are killing it right now!

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