GoodLuck & DJ Ganyani create this summerloving tune ‘Waiting For You’

GoodLuck have joined forces with DJ Ganyani for another collaboration to bring their fans closer together and tell a story that is very near to their hearts as South African musicians. If there's one thing that GoodLuck ensure to accomplish, it's connecting people together from all walks of life through music that stirs the soul and encourages to all be ourselves. This is the story of their latest journey into the unknown, a note of acceptance and the vision to bring everyone together.

On the 1st of January this year, GoodLuck were invited to perform a show in Soshanguve Township for Black Motion's annual event called ‘1st Fun Day'–with an incredible line-up, it was a very exciting opportunity for the band to get involved, but also daunting not knowing how the new audience would react to watching the band for the first time.

GoodLuck were nervous about how they would be accepted in an unfamiliar community. They were not sure what the reaction would be like. From a sense of uncertainty, the band experienced the complete opposite reaction–they were warmly embraced and felt the love on a level they will never forget. “It was a feeling like no other, it felt like the audience were welcoming us home… It was like they were saying‘ Where have you been all this time? We have been waiting for you'”.

It was a really profound moment and a feeling the band will never forget, and always remember that the music gave them the opportunity to reach out.The lyrics of the single echo this feeling. South Africans seem to all be waiting for one another to reach out and connect and this song is a love song about giving people the hope to do just that. The new single, ‘Waiting For You' released globally today and has been signed internationally to Dutch mega-label Armada Records, inviting the world to experience this story of acceptance when you least expect it.

Juliet Harding, lead vocalist for GoodLuck: “Working with DJ Ganyani was extraordinary. He crafted an incredibly powerful beat around this inspiring message. We both have a shared vision of bringing moreAfrican to the world… We are very proud of this release!

Buy/stream it here.

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