King & Early

King & Early Interview: Exclusive Talk With The British Newcomers

Newcomers King & Early made a big impression with their debut release ‘Moving Forward‘ on Fly Boy Records just a few months ago. The track is a tune that instantly caught the ears of label owners Icarus and led to the track becoming a staple in their club sets. Since then, the rising British duo, also knows as Trevor King and Matt Early, keeps on delivering well-crafted music offerings full of promise and gentle emotions. 

With their tunes being infectious, King & Early have already been mesmerising crowds across the world. Viralbpm sat down with the London based producers to discuss about their latest tracks, favorite artists, future plans and . Read our exclusive King & Early interview below.

V1. Well, obviously, we have to start with your newest release called “'Moving Forward'”. Are you happy with the final output of the track?

King & Early: We are over the moon with the response, gaining national & international radio play from the likes of Icarus, Pete Tong, Danny Howard, Gorgon City, Jody Wisternoff to name a few, and the reactions have been amazing, so yes we are extremely happy with the output!

V2. Would you say that this song is describing your artistic profile at best? How does it represent you as an artist?

King & Early: This is definitely up there with what we want to release musically. It's our sound, and we feel it represents us as an artist, this is the first of many tracks that we plan to release showcasing our style.

V3. How would you describe yourself as an artist and maybe also as a character in general, to music listeners that aren't familiar with your sound in general?

King & Early: We can describe our characters as grounded and down to earth, easy going. We make music together naturally, nothing is ever forced and that way we are able to be creative with our music. As artists we are the same, we're newcomers to the scene and feel extremely humbled our music has had such a great response. Artistically, we are in love with the whole melodic sound, but we love all types of dance music too.

V4. Why and how did you choose King & Early as a name?

King & Early: The name comes from our sir names, Trevor King, Matt Early, we felt it sounds just right for what we are currently doing.

V5. What tools and programs are you using for recording your own stuff?

King & Early: We use Logic Pro, along with a few different plugins, as we progress I feel we will be purchasing some nice analogue synths to really achieve the sound we love. We also would like to delve in to modular synthesis to try and sculpt some new sounds for our productions.

V6. Are there any artists, albums or songs that influenced your music in general?

King & Early: We love so many artists and label spanning across multiple genres, but the stand out ones for us are Icarus, the Anjuna output, Jody Wisternoff & James Grant, Above and Beyond, labels like All Day I Dream, Still Vor Talent, Mango Alley, to name a few. There's so many to list but these stand out for us.

V7. Any future plans regarding releases, records or collaborations in 2019 you can already reveal to us? Maybe some small hints?

King & Early: Well, we have just signed a release to Champion Records featuring an amazing singer, collaborating with SolarTrak. We also we have another release coming on FLY BOY which is one of our favourites. That will be out soon, can't wait!

V8. Is there any artist you really admire these days? Maybe someone you would like to work with together on a new track?

King & Early: Well we would love to work with Icarus, Yotto or Lane 8 on a new track, would be a dream come true!

V9. Thank you for your time and we really hope that 2019 will be an amazing year for you. We wish you all the best! Any final words you want to share with the Viralbpm readership?

King & Early: We would like to say how much we appreciate everyone's kind words about our music, it is an indication we are doing the right thing, so let's hope you enjoy the music we have lined up for you. Big thanks to the all the Viralbpm readers for taking the time out to read this!

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