VIJAY & SOFIA - Light Up

Vijay & Sofia release Light Up via EGO Music

“Light Up” is the second single from Belgian duo Vijay & Sofia on EGO Music in 2019 after “Aquadrops”, premiered on YourEdm and played by Tiesto among other international artists.

The production is deep and emotional with some cool synths and a male vocal. The drop is unconventional and catchy, with solid sounds that will make you move!

Just a few days ago Viralbpm proudly premiered Vijay & Sofia new track “Aya (After Moon Project)“, taken off ‘Deeplomatic Flavours Vol.4‘, the fourth album of its kind in which the label carefully selects some of most prolific up-and-coming artists on the scene.

“Light Up” your party with Vijay & Sofia, good streamers on and Apple Music with million plays behind them from all over the world! 


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