Sikdope unleashes his 2019 festival gem ‘Raindrops’

It's been a wild ride for Polish tastemaker Sikdope so far. Following last year's highly acclaimed singles ‘Lost In The Blue' and ‘Badder', he continued his streak of hit tunes earlier this year with the widely popular Tiësto collab ‘My Whistle', a record that's still rocking crowds all over the festival scene and radio waves – including the Musical Freedom maestro playing the track during his Ultra mainstage show.

Hot on the heals of this much talked about release, the Ultra Miami Festival also enjoyed the pleasure of 's newest gem, as none other than played ‘Raindrops' to an enthused crowd.

As said, it's a true rave anthem, delivering Sikdope's trademark energy with rushed beats and mesmerizing synth stabs, touching on classic dance vibes with its break beats and vocal samples, as well as contemporary bass and electro euphoria. The stars seem lined up for this record to dominate this summer season's festival stages, get ready for a series of ‘Raindrops' to hit the crowd!

“Through the past months I've been trying to push the boundaries If it comes to music. ‘Raindrops' is the perfect , you cannot classify it as any specific genre, and I think this is what makes it unique. It's a mixture of bass house and rave festival music with a lot of energy on the drop. People are even starting to say that I came up with a new genre and they start calling it “speed house”.” – Sikdope

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