Jayden Interview

Jayden Interview: Exclusive Talk With The Music Artist & Member Of Italian YouTube Collective, Mates

Jayden may be considered a new (Panda) face, but he is a well-known music artist and member of Italian YouTube collective, Mates. The latter have established themselves online by amassing a whopping 15-million combined social media following. 

On the other hand Jayden (Panda) alone, has gotten him over 265,000 loyal fans on Instagram without even revealing his true identity. His debut track “This Time” with Celine Farach and Emmy award winner, Matluck, has seen over 2 million views on YouTube in just a month. With his first single reaching unimaginable heights, this brand new face of Pop/EDM crossovers is expected to dominate the electronic music scene in 2019.

Viralbpm sat down with his Panda face to discuss about his debut on the music scene, favorite artists, future plans and many more. Read our exclusive Jayden interview below.

V1. Well, we had to tackle this before talking about music: What's the deal with the panda? How did this connect with your music persona?

Jayden: Together with my family ‘Mates' we wanted to come up with a character that best represented who I am as an artist and the message I want to send through my music. After discussing options for a long time, we decided on a panda as it fits with my idea of being in the middle between magic and reality.

V2. How did you start working on your own music and becoming a professional music artist?

Jayden: I've always had a huge passion for electronic music and have attended countless festivals and shows as a fan, however I knew that I wanted to be the one on stage performing to crowds. Having the collective ‘Mates' behind me has really helped me channel my music and character with great video and photo content, as they are so talented at this and have so much experience.

Δείτε αυτή τη δημοσίευση στο Instagram.

Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη Jayden – Mates (@jaydenpanda) στις

V3. Do you have main goals you want to achieve with your songs? Particular emotions you want to create with your sound?

Jayden: The main thing I want to share with my music is the idea of blurring the boundaries between magic and reality and proving that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Although I haven't been producing for that long, my debut single turned out to be a huge success and just proves what you can achieve with hard work and dedication, as well as passion.

V4. Let's talk about your song with and Celine Farach. How did this collaboration between the three of you happen?

Jayden: I had the initial foundation of the track down before reaching out to Celine and Matluck. It was quite hard to collaborate as we were all in different countries so a lot of it was done over FaceTime. They both put together their ideas for the main melody and lyrics and I absolutely loved it and it fit perfectly with my production. We then had them both fly over to Milan to shoot the music video so it was a great experience meeting them finally and performing in the video with them.

V5. How was the creative process of the single? Are you happy with the final output of the track?

Jayden: I couldn't be happier with the final production. As I said, the initial chord progressions were all there before the vocalists put in their contributions and the combination of the two was so fluid and much better than I had originally thought it would be. I think it was a great first single and it set the standard for my future tracks.

V6. Any future plans regarding releases, records or collaborations in 2019 you can already reveal to ? Maybe some small hints?

Jayden: I already have plans for a show on June 1st in Milan to launch my new single but I'm keeping it under wraps for the time being. Other than that I'm trying to focus on new music rather than shows and I have a few collaborations in the works that should be dropping over the summer, so watch this space!

V7. Is there any area you would like to work on and get better as an artist or producer?

Jayden: I am still a very young and inexperienced producer, however I try out a lot of sounds in my productions hoping to achieve the goal for the track, but that's really hard to do sometimes. As for shows, I am a newbie and so I think that stepping onto some really important stages will show me what I need to change in order to make my shows different and unique from all the others.

V8. What tools, instruments or programs do you use for recording and creating your own tracks?

Jayden: I use a keyboard and Logic, so the basics, but I believe that those things are all you really need to make music, everything is possible and you don't always need lots of fancy equipment to produce good music.

V9. Is there any artist you really admire these days? Maybe someone you would like to work with together on a new track?

Jayden: There are so many artists that I admire and get inspiration from but in regards to a collaborations, I think my dream would be to collaborate with groups like One Republic, Imagine Dragons or Coldplay. I love to come up with crazy projects and I think that a dance/pop crossover with any one of those bands would be really fun.

V10. Thank you for your time and we hope you will keep doing your thing in the future. We wish you all the best! Any final words you want to share with the Viralbpm readership?

Jayden: A leave a little spoiler with you…”POWA”.

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