Amber Sun

Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge launch pre-order of ‘Kingdom United’ album in tandem with new single: ‘Amber Sun’

Ever since the release of title track ‘Kingdom United’ earlier this year, dance music enthusiasts from all over the world have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of more material from Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge’s first-ever collaborative album. Whetting their fans’ appetite for more mouth-watering, Trance-flavored goodness to come from the album on its release date of May 10, the pair unleashed their next single, ‘Amber Sun’, to kick-start the album’s pre-order and tracklist reveal.

Easily one of the most anthemic cuts from their ‘Kingdom United’ album, ‘Amber Sun’ exudes warmth and solar-powered club madness like no other. Adorned with impactful beats, soaring sound waves and a no-holds-barred attitude, this summer-scented record paints the electronic music canvas in signature Emery and Wallbridge style, all the while tying in to the warm and heartfelt atmosphere that takes center stage throughout the ‘Kingdom United’ album.

As can be expected from tracks on an album that focusses so diligently on the cultural heritage of the U.K. in times of political divide, the inspiration for ‘Amber Sun’ also came from a rather typical British custom. The track’s name is actually drawn from a certain brand of tea, which is mostly Gareth Emery’s drink of choice, like any decent British fellow. A similar reference to tea-drinking is also spotlighted in the music of title track ‘Kingdom United’.

Gareth Emery and are currently showcasing ‘Amber Sun’ plus other album tracks in their live performances, including most recently at Emery’s hugely popular Laserface shows (Miami, Seattle) and Wallbridge’s slamming events (London, Manchester, Milan). They will be making an exclusive, livestream premiere of ‘Kingdom United’ at ’s own office nightclub on April 16. The pair added “It’s an album that works equally well played live or at home with friends and a cup of tea. Wherever people choose to listen, we’re sure they’re going to love it!

The full tracklist is revealed below and the ‘Kingdom United’ album is available for pre-order now.


1. Kal El (feat. NASH)

2. Vesper (feat. NASH)

3. Cluedo

4. Holograms

5. Forget Life

6. Lionheart (feat. PollyAnna)

7. Flyby

8. CVNT5

9. Amber Sun

10. Manchester Nights

11. Mansion 140

12. Electric Pirates

13. Never Before (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn)

14. Kingdom United

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