Mako Coyote via Ultra Music

Mako delivers his brand new single ‘Coyote’ via Ultra Music

Los Angeles based artist, producer and songwriter Mako just released a new indie-infused single “Coyote,” on Ultra Music. “Coyote” is unlike any other music the producer has put out – the soulful textured piece tells a somber story, as Alex Seaver lets his musical prowess show through with a complex guitar-driven melody and passionate basslines.

Released with a companion animated video, “Coyote” is a hauntingly beautiful track that unfolds like a Pandora's box of sound. Layered with dissonant guitars, Seaver's digitally warped vocals, organic electronic elements and tripped-out drum patterns, “Coyote” weaves in and out of driving yet minimalistic rhythms, cinematic orchestral instrumentation and atypical arrangements and time signatures rarely heard in electronic- and pop-based music. At times, the muted bass borders on IDM, the synths flirt with experimental electronica and the ethereal keyboards edge toward ambient territory, creating a soundscape that's dark, chaotic and stunning all at once and ultimately impossible to categorize. That is a deliberate move on Seaver's part.

“I can't imagine the song fitting easily into any existing box of music,” Seaver says of “Coyote.” “You've got the tenants of what makes my music mine, like orchestral and cinematic elements playing through it, my voice and my sensibility of songwriting, which is more pop-melodic, but with melancholic lyrics. But then the song just goes off into the woods for a while. I can't properly describe what this track is in less than a monologue, but it's probably one of the things I like most about it.”

Altogether, “Coyote” gives fans and listeners a first glimpse into 's new creative direction, which Seaver will explore in his forthcoming album, scheduled for release in fall 2019 via Ultra Music. As the lead single off the album, “Coyote” represents pure creative freedom for Mako. Buy/steam it here.

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