Simone Liberali Interview: Exclusive Talk With The Italian Talent

Simone Liberali has quickly established his name around the world with 2018 being his breakout year performing 80+ gigs in 30 countries, no small feat for the 24 year old from Pavia, Italy. Simone got his start as resident for Detroit Milano, one of the most important underground parties in Milan and has become a regular of one of the biggest dance institutions in Italy: Magazzini Generali. His productions are distinguished for their powerful, percussive and playful sound, with vocal touches and deep energetic bass lines.

His sets are groovy, percussive and Latin-influenced with lots of his own productions thrown in. This has captivated many audiences around the globe with a huge demand that helped him play in various countries all over the world. With a whole career ahead, Simone Liberali is, without a question, one of the most interesting and outstanding young artists of the electronic scene. 

Fresh off his Vertigo EP with his slick signature grooves via Detroit-born, Chicago-based label, Incorrect Music, Viralbpm sat down with the young Italian producer to talk about his latest releases, new music, past experiences and future goals. Read our exclusive Simone Liberali interview below.

V1. Let’s talk about your latest release on. How did Vertigo EP happen and why did you choose this title?

Simone Liberali: First of all thanks guys for having me on this interview! Usually, I don’t go into the studio with a precise idea, I start recording live what goes through my head until I find the rhythm that satisfies me. I chose Vertigo because I like how the word sounds and also because the meaning is an intense emotion, just what I want to transmit with my songs.

V2. What were your initial artistic intentions for this EP? Are you happy with the final output?

Simone Liberali: I wanted to create something different but always with my imprint. On this EP, I played a lot with the Moog sub 37 that I had just bought. I’m really happy with the feedback it’s getting, everytime i play the EP the people go crazy!

V3. Last year, you had also a wonderful EP via Elrow Music. How would the previous EP compare to your newer one? Did you want to change some things or try something new music wise?

Simone Liberali: I always try to do something different than the EP before, I don’t like doing the same things, I never liked the monotony. Of course I always try to respect my line, but always giving some news, I like to experiment a lot. I wanted to use different sounds here than the previous EP.

V4. On what other projects are you currently working on? Anything you can already reveal to us regarding 2019 releases or projects in general?

Simone Liberali: There are many things scheduled for this 2019! I can say that after Vertigo there will be an EP containing an another new thing for me. It will be an EP in collaboration for the first time with a really good singer: Mikey V. I can’t wait to show you this one too..

V5. Any live events or special live sessions your eagerly anticipating?

Simone Liberali: I’m replying to the interview on the plane to Alicante in Spain where tonight I will play for the first time at the amazing Metro Dance Club , one of the most prestigious clubs in Spain. Octave One and Agents Of Time will also be on the line up. Next week I will be at the Armani club in Milan and then I will do a tour in Chile.

V6. What tools and programs are you using for performing live and creating your own music?

Simone Liberali: I use a Moog Sub 37 synthesizer, the Elektron Analog Rytm mk2 drum machine, the Maschine from Native instruments and a mute keyboard that takes the signal from the various vst I use inside the software like Nexsus, Sylenth 1 etc. I have others tools in my mind that I will buy soon, I love the analogue machines.

V7. Any tips for upcoming artists you would like to share with us and your fans via this interview?

Simone Liberali: Try new things, experiment a lot, take inspiration from others artists but don’t copy, create your own imprint. Don’t be afraid even to get out of the box, music is an art! Respect the musical scales with every sound you use in your project and everything will sound more harmonious.

V8. Since 2017 you had some strong presence in Beatport with some excellent singles and EPs. What does this kind of success mean for an artist like you? Does this motivate you even more?

Simone Liberali: For sure, it’s a reason to be proud and satisfied and this gives me the energy and the charge to always do better. Knowing that people appreciate what I do is for me the greatest thing. I started this journey to be able to express my music and my emotions to the people and get these results so important certainly makes me cheer but also gives me the motivation because I want to do always better with the next EP.

V9. Growing up just outside of Milan, can you tell us a bit about the musical scene and the DJ’s that were prevalent/inspirational to you?

Faustix: I approached the world of electronic music very young, my parents are great lovers of the disco music and at home the stereo was always on. I also started to go to the clubs around the age of 16 and I was always focused on the DJs, from the beginning I dreamed of being me make people dancing with my sound. The first DJs that I have listened to and that have been a source of inspiration for me are Marco Carola and Richie Hawtin.

V9. Thank you for your time and we wish you all the best for 2019 and the future in general. Any final words you want to share with the Viral BPM readership?

Faustix: Thank you so much for the questions, it was a great pleasure. Thanks also to those who have spent time to read this interview, I hope you like my new Vertigo EP and stay tuned because there will be lots of exciting news this year! Come also to hear me if I play near you, there will be fun!

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