Blooming Danser EP

Pretty Pink Welcomes Spring With Debut 3-Track, “Blooming Danser EP”

German tech-house DJ and producer Anne Ka – alias Pretty Pink –  returns with her first ever ‘Blooming Danser EP‘ via Wanderlust. Eclectic soundscapes and ambient basslines leave listeners with the perfect springtime melodies to welcome the warm upcoming months.

The three-track EP is comprised of ‘Melting’, ‘Blooming’, and ‘Danser’ that encapsulate the newly awakening spring in whimsical melodies, while simultaneously bringing listeners on a sonic journey into the new blooming season.  

Delicate vocals from Kieran Fowlks overlay a transcendent bassline in the opening track ‘Melting’, which  brings listeners through the last few days of the bleak wintery weather. The EP’s second track ‘Blooming’ features vocals from herself, and envelops the true magic surrounding the bloom of Spring’s first flowers. 

The EP closes with ‘Danser’, which is a happy-go-lucky upbeat track that signals the climax of Spring’s new-found energy. Following the release of the three-track EP will be an exclusive tech-house remix of ‘Danser’. ‘Blooming Danser’ is out via ’s very own imprint – Wanderlust. After her 2018 Summer record ‘PURE’ landed support from heavy industry hitters such as Lane 8, and more – ‘Blooming Danser’ is yet another seasonal anthem which will bring listeners into the lively blossoming of Spring. Buy/stream it here.

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