Spinnin’ TV reaches 25 million subscribers and wins IDMA for Best YouTube Channel

Spinnin' Records has reached the milestone of 25 million YouTube subscribers this week, and won the Awards for Best YouTube Channel during a festive award show in Miami. While celebrating the success of Spinnin' TV, the label also saw its artist Nora En Pure win an IDMA.

Globally perceived as one of the highlights of the annual Winter Music Conference (WMC) in Miami, the IDMA ceremony is also the longest running awards event completely focused on electronic dance music.

As the 33rd edition of the IDMA's took place last night with a special show at the Faena District on Miami Beach, Spinnin' Records won the award for Best YouTube Channel with its world famous Spinnin' TV channel while Spinnin's South African star received an award for Best Female Artist (House).

It's the crown on a special week, in which the record company already turned many heads with its five-day event Spinnin' Hotel at Miami Beach (receiving headlining artists like , Robin Schulz, Sander van Doorn and many others on stage) while also seeing the famed Spinnin' TV reaching its 25th million subscriber.


It's been quite the revolution Spinnin' Records has caused. Not only did the Dutch music label do groundbreaking work when it comes to promoting artists, also the way it used social media for this was a first in the music industry.

Hence the success of the imprint's YouTube channel, which crossed its first milestone in 2015, reaching 10 million subscribers. Now, merely four years later, the label's platform has raised the bar once again, reaching 25 million subscribers.

Call them early adopters if you will, Spinnin' Records has always been about changing the game. Still honoring its mantra ‘it all starts with good music', what the label does once it has the music is remarkable. It all comes down to promoting the artist with a well-oiled online marketing machine, using everything to maximum effect, whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Live.ly or any other new gimmick that's about to reach the market.

Same goes for YouTube, perhaps one of the most exquisite tools to serve your audience. Spinnin' Records immediately saw the potential, setting up its own channel in 2007 to present its records with a full layout. It caused the aforementioned revolution as this time it was the record label itself publishing videos and taking artist promotion into its own hands.

After the Spinnin' Records YouTube channel caught a wave in 2009, it never slowed down. Presenting videos by some of the most popular artists in the world like , Martin Garrix, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Oliver Heldens, and Afrojack it quickly gathered subscribers by the tens of thousands. 

A new chapter was opened after the first 10 million subscribers were welcomed in 2015. Since then, Spinnin' Records saw its popularity increase in abroad territories. Countries like Brazil, Mexico, India, the US and Colombia proved to be the most steady providers these last three years

With the list of followers still increasing, it looks like Spinnin' Records is still on top of its game. Today, the magic mark of 25 million subscribers is celebrated with a special video.

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