Corey James DNA dominates Size Records

Corey James DNA dominates Size Records

Following his previous offering “Heavy” with Swedish duo Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman on Buce Records, British talent Corey James DNA dominates Size Records once again.

As EDM Tunes points out, ‘DNA' starts out quick. A classic, yet effective, build into a swift drop that is explosive. This is the kind of track you'll expect to hear when you walk into a club, the kind that will make you pull your friend directly to the dance floor.

Unlike generic house tracks, the break in ‘DNA is evocative. The melody is refreshing and gives you the perfect amount of time to breathe. Not too long, not too short. The Steve Angello influence is there.

His new tune follows ' highly-anticipated progressive tracks “Heavy” and his collaborations with David Pietras on their remix for “Steve Angello – Nothing Scares Me Anymore” and single “To Live (ft. Bryant Powell)” on Protocol Recordings.

Buy/Stream the track here.

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