Pete Tong co-sign 220 KID / ‘Let Me Stay’ feat. Chilli Chilton

Following recent studio sessions with the likes of Camelphat,  can now reveal his latest single ‘Let Me Stay' feat. .

Behind the airy electronic soundscape of 220 KID is William Edward. 220 KID is a new project that sees William deviate directions with captivating percussive beats and synth-heavy drops. The UK artist pairs stunning melodies alongside haunting beats to bring an addictive sonic experience that you can't seem to shake. 

Speaking on the release, both 220 KID & Chilli Chilton explain that ‘Let Me Stay' is about “Taking the power back from a bad relationship situation, to find your own strength and move on, cutting out the persons negativity and destructive patterns – in turn then allowing yourself to chase their dreams and flourish. The swelling synth builds followed by a dramatic drop represents the release of the anger/painful memories and shows the strength and inspiring independence of the character now that they are free.”

Out NowSpotify | Soundcloud

With an album in works, 220 KID will showcase an incredible range of female talent in both the music creative, arts and business industry. The album will consist of co-written records, allowing the artist to express themselves on any subject e.g. mental health. There will also be co-written treatments and short music videos to accompany the records. As many artists are often told what they can/cannot do in the studio, this gives them a platform to create freely.

Aside from this, 220 KID looks ahead to co-produced tracks on Island & Ultra, as well as music in the works for Pete Tong‘s Deux Trois.

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