Bobina x Christina Novelli release Saviour on Magik Muzik

Bobina x Christina Novelli release Saviour on Magik Muzik

Having last September ridden to the sun with the almost irresponsibly catchy ‘Mysterious Times', Bobina x Christina Novelli have sensed the synergy and double-timed it back into the studio!

Their follow-up is a fragile chillout number, which segues slowly into beatless… Nah, just kidding! It's a heart-stealing, floor-thrilling, couldn't-tie-it-down-if-you-tried outing, which will bounce you & your mates into springtime quicker than Kylie Jenner can add another digit to her bank balance!

Bobina whips it up quick with infectious, jangly trop-house percussion, festival flaming synths, symphonic string sections and a full-frequency wild-ride mainline. It cools its heels in the drop, where Christina awwww-inspiring song vibes-it-up with Dmitry's zephyr-ish harmonies.

Lyrical lines for those that could use a lift and vocals that deliver it Everest-high elevation meet Bobina snare-fired drop, head-on. Straight-up catnip for club citizens of all persuasions, you can purchase/listen to now to ‘Saviour' now via Magik Musik, here

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